[52] Finding Your Own Path and Creating Your Own Version of Consistency

Finding your own path and creating your own version of consistency - Episode 52 On The Make podcast hosted by Josephine Brooks

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On the Make Episode 52 | Following your own path and creating your own version of consistency

Claire has a handmade business, a blog, a podcast she’s a content creator and also has a part time job, plus on top of that she’s a mum of two boys. Claire often finds herself with too much on her plate, understandably. So, in this mentoring episode I chat with Claire about the myth of consistency, as we discuss in this episode, we’re humans, not robots so we talk about how to create your own version of consistency and how we can take the pressure off when we make a commitment to creating consistent content that’s just not realistic.

We cover all sorts in this episode, Claire beautifully summed our conversation up as figuring out how to follow your own path and build a business around you, your energy levels and your needs.


  • Using one of my 12-week wall planners and my weekly planning template (which is a free resource)

  • Setting up a monthly check in to help you stay on track with your plan acknowledge your achievements, celebrate the wins and plan ahead.

  • Ways to make yourself accountable to your plan

  • Going with the ebb and flow of your energy levels and working with your natural ups and downs in productivity

  • Following your own path in business and finding what works for you.

  • How tracking your cycle can help you see the times when

  • Using the times when you are energised to create a bank of content for the times when you’re feeling sluggish

Links to resources we mentioned in this episode

Claire’s Blog | Banners website | Instagram

The episode of Letters From a Hopeful Creative we mentioned about building a business while on maternity leave

My blog post on how I review my business each month and the stats I record

Gretchen Rubin’s Four Tendencies Quiz

The Moon Journal that Claire mentioned she uses to track her cycle ad well as help and advice from Rona Mindful Cycles and here’s where you can find Rona on Instagram

You can follow us both on instagram at @JosephinePBrooks and @Claire_choudhry

Josephine Brooks