[58] How I Took my Side-Hustle Full-Time + Q&A

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Episode 58 | Taking your Side-Hustle Full-Time

In this episode I’m telling the story of how I escaped my 9-5 and took my side-hustle full-time, as well as how I even got my side-hustle to the stage where I was ready to take the leap. This is the full back story, the whole winding path I took to escaping my 9-5. There were multiple side-hustles, multiple failures, multiple discoveries along the way.

I’ve also had lots of questions via instagram about planning to leave your 9-5, how to scale your side-hustle, how to prepare finically - all of the kind of questions that come up when you start to think about taking your side-hustle full-time, which I answer towards the end of tis episode.


  • How my first side-hustle was created out of a need for a creative outlet.

  • Mistakes I made and things I learned along the way of having

  • Figuring out what you want to do by process of elimination

  • How crucial it is to have support and surround yourself with people who are encouraging and supportive.

  • Taking learnings from your work life and applying it to your side-hustle

  • The importance of taking the time to grow your audience and build trust

  • Money planning to escape your 9-5

  • Proving to yourself that your business can

  • Taking stepping stones to leaving your 9-5

  • Your questions answered

Links to resources I mentioned in this episode

My community for side-hustlers - The Nurture & Thrive Community

Blog post - How to talk to friends, family and colleagues about your side-hustle

Workbook - Make a Money Plan (if you’re a member of Nurture & Thrive, you have unlimited access to all of my workbooks).

@natlue’s instagram post on how to say no politely but firmly

You can follow me on Instagram @JosephinePBrooks

Escaping your 9-5 by taking your side-hustle full-time with Josephine Brooks - Make a Plan Make it Happen podcast
Josephine Brooks