[09] On Making Time for your Side Hustle

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On The Make episode 9 - On Making The Time for your Side-Hustle

Episode 9 of the podcast is all about managing your time when you’re juggling a side-hustle and a job. I had a side hustle for 7 years before I reduced my hours to part time, and even with working part time juggling my time between business and job is still a big challenge!

This week I’m sharing some of my best time management hacks and strategies that I’ve used over the years to make the time for my own side-hustle. If your dream is to build a business that gives you the freedom to do more of what you love, the time management tricks and tips in this episode will help you carve out more time to work on your business.

In this Episode I cover:

  • Setting your boundaries between your business and you job and how to ignore the new-sayers at work

  • Asking to work from home or reduce your hours - how to create a case for it and discuss it with your boss

  • Using your commuting time and lunch breaks wisely - what you can be doing while you’re commuting to and from work

  • Treating your job as the side hustle - are you a full time potter/ writer/ photographer/ artist with a 9-5?

  • Scheduling and blocking your time

  • Staying motivated - some methods I use to keep the creative fire burning in my belly and avoid burnout

  • My free 4-week mini course Make The Time For Your Side-Hustle - a free 4-week course to help you manage your time more effectively and set Bettie boundaries to help take your side-hustle to the next level


Get my free 4-week mini course Make The Time For Your Side-Hustle from the Free Resources page (where you can also get a free copy of my weekly planner as well).

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