[19] My 3-Step Planning Method for Making your Side-Hustle Action Plan

Using my 3-Step Planning Method to Make your Side-Hustle Action Plan


On the Make episode 19 is a solo episode with me on my 3-step planning method and how you can use it to create your side-hustle action plan.  

In this episode I share my 3-step planning method that I've developed over the years of having a side-hustle to create realistic and achievable acton plans for my business.

I used to make one big plan for my side-hustle at the beginning of each year. I’d start the year with all guns blazing and then realise as I got to April that my plan had been wildly overoptimistic and I was lagging behind leaving me feeling disheartened. I also couldn’t predict what was going to change over the period of 12 months and so planning annually wasn’t serving me. So I tried out planning in 12 week chunks and found it to be a real game changer for my business. So, in this episode I’m sharing the 3-step planning method that I use to plan for my side-hustle so that you can also make your own action plan too.


  • How I used to plan for my side-hustle before I started planning in 12-week chunks

  • Why I now plan in 12-week chunks

  • A quick reflection exercise to do before you start making your plan

  • Creating a list of things you want to stop, start and continue doing

  • How long it should take each time to create your plan

  • My 3-step planning method

    • Step 1: Find your focus

    • Step 2: Making your plan

    • Step 3: Setting up milestones, support and accountability

  • How to give yourself the best chance to make your plan a reality


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