[25] How to Get Started with Selling Digital products with Natalie Lue

How to get started with selling digital products with Natalie Lue


On the Make Episode 25 with Natalie Lue on selling digital products

In this episode Natalie shares so much knowledge and wisdom on selling digital products which is something she knows more than just a think or two about. She’s been blogging for 14 years over at Baggage Reclaim and sold numerous digital products from that platform. Natalie’s now also branching out in to helping other creative business owners with figuring out how to harness their secret sauce to build platforms and create digital products.

This episode is absolutely packed with tips on selling digital products and we also talk about giving away freebies and using opt-ins to build your email list so this really is a go-to episode for all things digital.  


  • Natalie’s work on Baggage Reclaim and her new side-hustling - helping people with selling digital products.

  • How building a business is a form of therapy and working on our people pleasing and perfectionist tendencies.

  • Natalie’s experience of selling digital products

  • Common pitfalls for people who are selling digital products

  • The tax implications of selling digital products

  • The reality of selling digital products and Natalie’s thoughts on calling selling digital products a ‘passive income’

  • Figuring out what digital products you want to sell and finding your secret sauce

  • Natalie’s wisdom on giving away freebees and email opt-ins

  • Pricing digital products

  • Natalie’s advice on maintaining good relationships when you’re already juggling a side-hustle and other commitments.


Natalie’s Baggage Reclaim Website

Natalie’s website where she helps creative business owners with mission and vision to harness their secret sauce to build platforms, create digital products and publish books. 

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