[28] Finding Business Buddies and Beating Solo-Business-Owner Loneliness

Finding Business Buddies and Beating Solo-Business-Owner Loneliness with Gemma Scopes - One The Make podcast episode 28 hosted by Josephine Brooks


On the Make Episode 28 with Gemma Scopes on finding business buddies and beating solo-business-owner-loneliness

Gemma is a podcaster, blogger and speaker on all things curing loneliness and finding new friends. I love what Gemma’s doing to open up the conversation on loneliness and making female friendships as an adult. This feels like something we don’t talk about enough and growing a business in particular can feel like quite a lonely endeavour so it felt like a good time to share an episode on the topic of business friendships.

There are bad days and there are tough times and it takes a lot to be a business owner and it’s great to make connections with other business owners that get it - Gemma Scopes


  • Gemma’s year long friendship project

  • What Gemma learned on your year of making new friends

  • Gemma’s tips on doing your own friendship project

  • Where and how to connect with other business owners at a similar stage of business as you

  • How to go to make the most if networking events, especially if you dread anything to do with the word ‘networking’

  • How to cure the loneliness that can come with working for yourself from home and spending a lot of time alone


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Gemma’s How to Make Friends podcast

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