[30] The unexpected benefits of in-person workshops and events 

The Unexpected Benefits of in-person Workshops and Events


On the Make Episode 30 with Vanessa Dennett on the unexpected benefits of in-person events and workshops for business owners

Vanessa’s been hosting workshops and in-person events at the Beautiful Oak Tree Barn in Somerset for a few years now. From her experience Vanessa’s noticed a whole load of additional, unexpected benefits of spending time in the company of like minded people. She points out that we’re all so good at seeing the greatness in others if not ourselves. In person events offer an opportunity to get a fresh perspective on our businesses and strengths as well make new and lasting connections with like-minded people.

In this episode Vanessa and I chat about the unexpected benefits to going along to in-person events (including for introverts) and how to seek out new events and connections with like-minded people.


  • How Vanessa found the barn where she now hosts her workshops and events

  • What Vanessa’s learned from hosting in-person workshops at Oak Tree Barn

  • The hidden benefits of going along to in-person events

  • The magic that happens in the workshops that Vanessa hosts when like-minded people are brought together

  • How Vanessa has made connections with like minded people online and the best tools for finding events


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Vanessa’s Nourish & Flourish events can be found on the events page of her website

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