[31] Creating a Multifaceted Career & staying productive as a side-hustler

On the Make Episode 31 - Creating a Multifaceted Career & staying productive as a side-hustler with Supal Desai


Episode 31 - Creating a multifaceted career & staying productive as a side-hustler with Supal Desai

I really enjoyed this chat with Supal, largely because we geeked out over productivity tools, morning routines and making time for the stuff that’s most important. In this episode Supal shares how she’s created a multifaceted career focussed around her multiple interests and how she makes the time for all-of-the-things going on in her life.


  • How Supal followed her curiosity to creating a multifaceted career that’s centred around multiple interests.

  • The shame that can sometimes be associated with being a side-hustler and Supal’s thoughts on why this shouldn’t be how we think of ourselves as people who are juggling multiple commitments. In fact she shares lots of benefits to being a side-hustler and encourages everyone to see their side-hustle in a much more positive light.

  • How Supal fits everything into her schedule between her corporate business, her blog, travel, self-care and everything else.  

  • Calendar blocking.

  • Doing charitable work to stay grounded and give something back.

  • The daily habits and routine that sets Supal up for success each day.

  • Making time for yourself alongside all of the other commitments you’ve got and how to make self-care a priority.

Links to resources we mentioned in this episode

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Supal’s blog post on calendar blocking

How I enjoy Chore-less weekends - Supal’s post on how she gets her chores done in the week so that she can enjoy chore-less weekends

Supal’s productivity posts on her blog - this is where I fell down a long and winding rabbit hole one afternoon - you’ve been warned ;)

Supal’s Air BnB experience - photowalks in Notting Hill

Smart Works - the charity Supal supports through her photowalks in Notting Hill

The Power Hour Podcast by Adrienne Herbert

Come and chat with Supal @chevronseclairs and I @josephinepbrooks over on Instagram.

Josephine Brooks