[32] Getting Started with Creating your visual Branding

Getting started with your visual branding - Episode 32 of On The Make podcast with Cat Byrne, hosted by ~Josephine Brooks


Episode 32 - Getting started with creating your visual branding with Cat Byrne of Gatto Web

If, like me, you’re not a natural designer or you’re struggling to know where to start with creating visual branding for your side-hustle this episode of On The Make is a good place to start. Cat seriously knows her stuff when it comes to branding and also web design. In this episode we discuss how you can be your own designer and Cat shares a whole load of tips on where to start with creating your visual branding.

We also talk about web design and creating a user-friendly website as well as some common mistakes Cat often sees on people’s websites that can easily be fixed.


  •  Where to start with working on a new branding project

  • What the brand discovery part of creating a new brand is essential to creating a solid, well thought out brand style.

  • How to create a moodpboard to bring your brand discovery work and ideas to life.

  • How to use your mood board to start pulling together colour ways, logo ideas, font ideas etc.

  • The essential components of a brand style guide.

  • Where’s the best place to start in terms of figuring out the design.

  • Making a website not only beautiful but also user-friendly.

  • Watch-outs to be aware of if you’re tweaking the design of your website

Links to resources we mentioned in this episode

Cat’s Website | Instagram | Facebook | Pinterest

You can sign up to Cat’s Free DIY design school emails and her mood board email course here

Cat’s DIY design school email on which platform to use for your website

The heatmap tool that Cat uses

Cat’s new design class Be Your Own Designer

You can connect with Cat @gattoweb and I @josephinepbrooks over on Instagram.

Josephine Brooks