[35] Planning for your side-business, a Q&A

Ep 35 On The Make - Side-Business Planning Q&A with Josephine Brooks

On the Make Episode 35 - Planning for your side-business, a Q&A

Last week I hosted Folksy’s twitter chat to answer people’s questions about planning. It turns out there are a hell of a lot of questions people had around planning and we had no where near enough time to get through them all, so I put an ask out on my Instagram for any m ore questions people had and answered them here in a side-business planning Q&A.

In this episode, I answer the following questions around planning:

  • How do I make the time to plan when I’m already flat out busy? 

  • How can I separate short term / long term planning?

  • I’ve got loads of projects and ideas I want to get to work on but how do you decide which ones to focus your time and attention on?

  • Where would you start with planning if you have no idea what you want or need to be working on?

  • What kind of projects/targets work well in an action plan?

  • What tricks or techniques do you use to help keep yourself on target with your plans? 

  • How can I revaluate when a week or 2 throws me off your plan?

  • How and where do you make your plans? On a wall planner, in a notebook, on your phone/Google calendar or on an app?


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