[36] Managing Self-Doubt When You’re Building a Business

Managing your self-doubt when you're building a business | On the Make podcast hosted by Josephine Brooks, episode 36 with Sas Petherick


On the Make Episode 36 - Managing self-doubt when you’re building a business with Sas Petherick

Sas Petherick knows pretty much all there is to know when it comes to self-doubt. It’s something that raises it’s head relentlessly when you’re building a business. In this episode Sas and I chat about self-doubt, what it is, how it shows up and how you can start to get it under control so that to stops holding you back from getting your magic out there into the world.


  •  How self-doubt showed up for Sas and what led her into studying the experience of self-doubt

  • What self-doubt is, how does it show up for different people and what it can feel like 

  • How self-doubt can affect women and people from marginalised backgrounds – stories 

  • How self-doubt we’ve internalised that have come from our culture, the media, our workplace environment.

  • Why self-doubt shows up so strongly in the journey to building a business

    Sas’ very own self-doubt archetype quiz and understanding your own archetype. 

  • Digging into my own self-doubt archetype – The GuardianAre there any benefits to experiencing self-doubt?

  • Can we ever overcome self-doubt?

Links to resources we mentioned in this episode

Sas Petherick’s Website | Instagram

Sas’ self doubt Archetype Quiz

 My blog post on Inclusivity & Representation - Our Responsibility as Business Owners

You can connect with Sas @saspetherick and I @josephinepbrooks over on Instagram.

Josephine Brooks