[40] SEO basics with Sophie Caldecott

SEO basics for side-hustlers with Sophie Caldecott - Episode 40 of On The Make podcast hosted by Josephine Brooks | Where to start with SEO | Easy SEO tips | Better SEO tips


On the Make Episode 40 - SEO basics for side-hustlers with Sophie Caldecott

In this episode I’m chatting with Sophie Caldecott about SEO, a topic that she absolutely LOVES, but also a topic that can often sound quite jargon-y and daunting.

Sophie puts our minds at rest in this episode as she talks us through the basics of SEO. She covers what it is, how we can be making some simple tweaks on our websites to help our content appear more prominently in the Google search results and how do do things like keyword research which we’ve all heard of but most of us don’t even know where to start with!


  • How Sophie made the move from print to the digital space and discovered SEO

  • Sophie’a current multi-hyphen business where she writes copy for Marie Forleo and

  • What SEO is and the basics of how it works

  • The benefits of focussing on SEO over some other marketing strategies for side-hustlers and business owners with limited time, as well as for introverts too.

  • The SEO basics, what simple tweaks you can be making on our website to improve your SEO

  • How to do keyword research in a really simple way for your website

  • How to write blog post titles for SEO

  • How to easily brainstorm new content ideas

  • Sophie’s throughs on whether it’s a good idea to go back and SEO your past blog posts and website content

  • How to fit SEO into your schedule moving forwards, especially with limited time

Links to resources we mentioned in this episode

Sophie’s Website | Instagram | Free SEO guide

Sophie’s SEO course: Intuitive SEO

Google Analytics

My blog post on How I Review my Business Each Month which includes how I use Google Analytics and some explanations behind the Google Analytics terminologies

Google Search Console

Google Keyword Planner

Keywords Everywhere

The free Moz bar is also a really helpful tool (it tells you what your website's domain authority is, i.e. how authoritative they think you appear in Google's eyes).

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