[42] Building a Business Alongside Depression

Building a business alongside depression, an interview with Alice Benham in Honour of Mental Health Awareness Week - Episode 42 - On The Make Podcast hosted by Josephine Brooks


On the Make Episode 42 | building a business alongside depression

It’s Mental Health Awareness Week here in the UK (at the time this podcast goes out - 13th - 19th May 2019) and in honour of that this week’s episode is all about building a business alongside managing depression. My guest for this episode is digital marketing coach and retreat host extraordinaire, Alice Benham.

Alice has experienced what it’s like to go from working all hours and growing a hugely successful business to starting again and growing a business that’s more sustainable and offers much more of a balance between work and life. The catalyst for that change was her struggle with depression, which triggered a 6 month break and an opportunity to re-evaluate the sort of lifestyle and business Alice wanted, and needed to build in order to foster positive mental health. In this episode Alice honestly shares her experience with depression and how she manages her mental health alongside growing a business. If you struggle with your mental health and dream of escaping your 9-5 by building your own business, I hope this episode inspires you that it’s all possible.

In honour of Mental Health Awareness Week and to do as much as we can to raise awareness of what building a business alongside managing your mental health looks like, you can also hear my story about building my business alongside dealing with anxiety and depression, over on Alice’s podcast. Just search your podcast app for starting the conversation.


  • Alice’s experience with depression and how it impacted her business

  • Taking a break from business to prioritise your mental health

  • The relief that came from stepping back from her business for six-months

  • Taking learnings from Alice’s experience with depression and learning to build a business alongside it

  • Opting in and opting out - learning to listen and act on how your mental health is at different times

  • Giving yourself permission to take a day off to take time out in the interests of your mental health

  • The most helpful coping methods and tools Alice uses for managing her mental health

  • Taking medication for mental health and our experience around getting medication prescribed

  • Dealing with comparison when you’re going through a tough patch with your mental health

  • Being vulnerable online and how vulnerability has become an engagement tool and how Alice has learned to set boundaries around how much she shares online

  • The big changes that Alice has made in her business since struggling with depression

  • How to use social media in a way that supports your mental health and doesn’t hinder it

  • Alice’s recommendations on what to do if you’re worried about your mental health or if others are telling you they’re worried about your mental health

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