[43] Creating a healthy Money Mindset

Creating a healthy money mindset with Danetha Doe of Money and Mamosas - Episode 43 of On The Make podcast hosted by Josephine Brooks | Money mindset for business | Getting better with money | How to budget in business | Small business finances | Side-hustle finance

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On the Make Episode 43 | Creating a healthy money mindset

I’m so excited to have Danetha on the podcast because her outlook on money is so refreshing and it’s all about adjusting your mindset first, before digging into the practical side. I’m so interested in digging into what’s going on in our heads when it comes to all aspects of building a business and money plays a huge part in that.

We all have baggage and learned behaviours around the way we handle our money, in this episode Danetha and I chat about how we can create more of a healthy mindset around money that will help us to grow businesses that thrive.


  • Danetha’s experiences money when she was growing up and how it contrasts with my experience growing up

  • Danetha’s unique outlook on money, seeing money as self-care and voting with your dollars

  • Getting to the root of your money story and figuring out what your attitudes are to money

  • Looking at what attitudes and mindsets around money you’ve adopted from your parents and their parents

  • How to start adjusting your money mindset to a more positive place

  • Aligning your spending with your values and feelings

  • Setting up a weekly money date

  • Addressing a lack mindset and how to flip it into an abundance mindset.

Links to resources we mentioned in this episode

Danetha’s Website | Money & Mamosas website | Instagram

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