[44] Growing a Business the Slow & Sustainable Way

Growing a Business the Slow & Sustainable Way with Jo Dymock of Ochre & Flax - Episode 44 of On The Make podcast hosted by Josephine Brooks

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On the Make Episode 44 | Growing a business the slow and sustainable way

Jo’s experienced what it’s like to run a business the busy way, working all hours and weekends with no sign of let up. Jo and her family decided it was time to make a conscious shift to a slower and simpler life.

It wasn’t just her lifestyle that changed but also the way that she was working (as we discuss in this episode, the two are very much tied together when you run your own business from home). With Jo’s business now, Ochre & Flax she’s taken the slow business route and found not only a less stressful and more sustainable way to grow a business but lots of other unexpected benefits as well.


  • Making the realisation that Jo and her family needed to make quite a big change in their lives to make things work better, it wasn’t about working one less weekend a month or getting more child care, it was about making a significant change towards a slower and more intentional lifestyle.

  • Giving into the temptation of working all hours when your work is in your home. Finding a way to separate work and home life when the edges are very blurred.

  • What slow business means and why it’s a good thing.

  • The benefits of growing a business slowly, including the opportunity to indulge your creativity.

  • The hidden benefits to slowing down in your business that you might not expect.

  • Creating a business that’s as fun and exciting as the other areas of your life.

  • What slow and intentional living means to Jo and her family and how to do it your own way.

  • Figuring out your values and what really matters to you to create your own slow living manifesto.

  • The role that planning plays in achieving a slower and more intentional lifestyle.

Links to resources we mentioned in this episode

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Jo’s podcast episode and free download on creating a slow living manifesto

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