[45] What To Do If Your Work Gets Copied & How to Prevent It

What To Do If Your Work Gets Copied & How to Prevent It with Ingrid from Dec & Dash legal consulting - Episode 45 of On The Make Podcast hosted by Josephine Brooks

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On the Make Episode 45 | What to do if your work gets copied & how to prevent it.

Ingrid set up her own legal consulting business just over 12 months ago after nearly 10 years of working as a commercial lawyer. She was looking for a way to continue doing her work after having children, in a way that would give her the flexibility to raise a family. This is where she discovered her passion for helping other small businesses and parent-run businesses with their legal documentation like privacy policies, partnership agreements and terms and conditions. Ingrid clears away the fog and fear that comes with the legalities of growing a business and puts it all into plain English. 

In this episode Ingrid and I are chatting about what you can do if your work gets copied and, better still, what you can do to prevent it getting copied. Whether that’s having copy or images taken from your website, another small business copying your work or having one of your designs copied by a big retailer. Ingrid takes us through all of the options for dealing with having your work copied and advises on what you can do to prevent that happening in the first place. 


  • How the legalities of growing a business can be a big roadblock for many in just getting started.

  • What we need to have in place to make our businesses legally compliant.

  • The pros and cons of setting up as a sole trader vs a limited company.

  • Getting a privacy policy on your website.

  • What legal stuff Ingrid will be covering in your Creatival workshop.

  • What we can do to protect our work (digital or physical) from being copied.

  • How to deal with the anger, frustration and disappointment of having your work copied and how to move forwards from it.

Links to resources we mentioned in this episode

Ingrid’s Dec & Dash Instagram | Facebook

Find out more about the conference for creative business owners Creatival

Anti Copying in Design - a useful resource for designers who want to find out more about avoiding having their work copied.

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