[55] Playing by Your Own Rules When You're Building a Business

Playing by your own rules when you're building a business with Leona Thriftola - Make a Plan Make it Happen podcast - Hosted by Josephine Brooks

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On the Make Episode 55 | Playing by your own rules when you’re building a business

Leona Thrift-Ola started her first business on a market stall in Portobello, London and later, her first internet business launched in 2003 - before Topshop even had an online shop. Leona’s business journey is such an inspiring one and one we can all learn a huge amount from.

In this episode Leona and I discuss some of the most prolific online business myths and ‘rules’. Leona’s big thing is playing by your own rules and feeling ok about making mistakes that you can learn from. After all, as Leona says in this episode - running your business is a tweak-athon.


  • Leona’s business journey from Portobello market, to her 1st internet business in 2003, and on to what she does now, supporting indie business owners in building a business where they can play by their own rules.

  • How Leona’s first business, that was hugely successful in the traditional sense, came to an end. And how Leona delt with burnout after closing down that business.

  • Leona’s approach to sharing and collaborating. And rejecting the notion of competition.

  • Making mistakes in business and how we can learn from them.

  • Bringing your true self through to your business and finding your magic.

  • Finding a community online where you can address the difficult talking points and feel less alone in the struggles you’re experiencing with growing a business.

  • Being ‘in the moment’ with your business and capturing the inspiration when it comes.

  • Staying in your own lane and finding a support network of other business owners who can help you along the way to building your business.

  • How leona makes it happen in her business.

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