[57] Reigniting Your Creative Flame With Sara Tasker

Regniting Your Creative Flame - Sara Tasker on Make a Plan Make it Happen podcast with Josephine Brooks

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Episode 57 | Re-igniting your creative flame with Sara Tasker

This week’s episode is a rather special one because I got to talk about two of my absolute favourite topics with the wonderful Sara Tasker.

We talked about how Sara grew her business from side-hustle alongside her NHS job and maternity leave to where she is now, with a multi-6-figure business.

We also talked about reigniting your creative flame. Sara took a break after her book tour earlier this year (2019) for her brilliant book Hashtag Authentic - because she’d basically reached a point of burnout. So in our conversation we talked lots about taking a break from your business and how you get that creative inspiration back and re-ignite your creative flame after a period of burnout. Sara also shares some really exciting news about what she’s up to next. 


  • Sara’s story of how she grew her business, without loads of financial support and with a chronic illness, from side-hustle on the side of her NHS job where she was earning £19k per year, as a full time wage, to where she is with her business now, earning £250k last year. It’s an inspiring story to hear and it’s great to see examples of relatable women achieve great things.

  • How creative projects can help you get your side-hustle off the ground and the wheels in motion.

  • What led to Sara taking a break from her business this summer after launching her book Hashtag Authentic.

  • How Sara felt about taking a break from her business, and the challenges she faced around feeling that she should be taking advantage of the buzz she’s created around the book launch.

  • Sarah’s experience of coming back after her break from her business.

  • What it looked like to go from burnout to getting her creativity back and feeling excited about her work again.

  • Doing morning pages to help you reignite your ideas and creativity and get past the noise in your head.

  • Trial and improvement in our businesses, to figure out what works for you and learning to ignore the noise around what you ‘should’ be doing.

  • How Sara makes things happen in her business.

  • What Sara’s working on next, including her new programme - 15 minute Magic.

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Sara Tasker Quote - on struggles with building a business. Episode 57 of Make a Plan, Make it Happen podcast hosted by Josephine Brooks
Building a Side-Hustle to Multi 6-figure business - Sara Tasker on Make a Plan Make it Happen podcast with Josephine Brooks
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