[01] Getting your Digital Prints onto physical Products

On the make Podcast Episode 1 - getting your digital prints onto products, Surface pattern design, graphic design, manufacturing products


On the make episode 1 with Surface pattern designer Victoria Jowett

In this episode surface pattern designer, Victoria Jowett talks about getting into surface pattern design, her design process and getting her designs printed on fabrics and manufactured in to physical products, in the UK. If you're a designer who's thinking about getting your designs made into physical products, this episode will give you a head start.

In this episode we cover: 

  • Getting your digital prints onto physical products

  • Getting into Surface pattern design

  • Selling your prints/ Taking on commissions

  • Spending two years teaching art in Ecuador and what Victoria learned from the experience

  • Victorias pattern design process

  • Finding a supplier to manufacture your products & how Victoria gets her own designs printed on fabric and made into physical products


Toria by Victoria Jowett: Website Instagram Facebook

Kalopsia Collective - Batch textiles product manufacturing for independent designers, based in Scotland 

Print & Press - for getting your designs printed on fabric, based in London

Be Fab Be Creative - another supplier for getting your own designs printed on fabric, based in Scotland

The blog post I mentioned on organising your computer files

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