[12] How to be Consistent in your Side-Hustle when You're not a Robot

How to be consistent when you're not a robot - Episode 12 of On The Make podcast, How to run a business consistently, How to be consistent, Consistent content production, Consistent side-hustle


On the Make Episode 12 with me, Josephine Brooks on how to be consistent in your side-hustle when you’re not a robot

A while ago at a creative business event I went along to, called Creatival I listened to Leona Thfirt-Ola talking about what she’d learned from her super inspiring business journey. She said something that I’ve never heard anyone say before in a business context. To paraphrase, she said: don’t beat yourself up for not being consistent, you’re a human not a robot.

This completely changed my mindset around consistency and lifted a huge pressure off my shoulders that I’d been putting on myself. But having said that, I really do believe that consistency is important for growing a creative business. After some pondering I realised it is possible to be consistent without being a robot by using the 4 tools that I talk through in this episode of On The Make.

In this episode I cover:

  • A reminder that we’re human not robots and so we can’t expect ourselves to feel the same level of creativity, inspiration of focus on every day of the year. So cut yourself some slack.

  • Why consistency in your side-hustle is important for growing your business

  • 4 tools that you can use to be consistent in your business without needing to be a robot, and how to put these tools into action.

    • Create a routine

    • Batch your work

    • Schedule ahead

    • Capturing the inspiration when it shows up


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The Indie Roller facebook group run by Leona Thrift-Ola

Creatival - the event I went along to where Leona did her super-inspiring talk

Josephine Brooks