[13] 3 first steps to making your business idea a reality

3 first steps to making your business idea a reality, the foundations of a creative business, where to start with creative business marketing, How to start a side-hustle


On the Make Episode 13 - 3 first steps to making your side-business idea a reality with Kayte Ferris

I went to Kayte for business coaching at the beginning of 2018 with just a tiny new business idea. She’s helped me grow it into the business that you see now. In this episode we talk through the best place to start when you’ve got a new idea for a side-hustle and you want to make it real.

We go through how to find your Why to building a picture of your audience and coming up with content ideas for your business all in one whistle stop tour. If you’ve got an idea for a new side-hustle that you want to make real or if you have your side-hustle set up and you want to check back in with the foundations of your business this episode is a must listen.

In this episode we cover

  • Taking the time to look back and appreciate how much you’ve achieved in a year

  • What is a Why and why having a Why is important

  • Where to start with finding your why for your business

  • Where to start with establishing who your audience is when you have no previous customers or clients to base it on

  • How to use the knowledge of who your audience are and your why to come up with content ideas

  • How to pick which channels you want to put content out on based on what’s going to work for you and your side-hustle - not what you feel you should be doing


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