[24] How to Stop Overthinking Preventing you from Growing Your Side-Hustle

How to stop over thinking preventing you from growing your side-hustle, Episode 24 of On The Make with Gabrielle Treanor


On the Make Episode 24 with Gabrielle Treanor on how to stop overthinking preventing you from growing your side-hustle

This episode I chat to The Overthinker’s Coach Gabrielle Treanor about how over thinking can prevent us from growing our businesses and how to tackle it. This chat came at a perfect time for me because I found, in my 2018 review that all of the challenges I’d had over the past 12 months came from mental struggles - dealing with self-doubt, the fear of pushing outside of my comfort zone and struggling with anxiety.

Gabrielle knows what it’s like to be an over thinker with it having held her back in the past. She shares lots of actionable ways to tackle your overthinking and foster more positive self talk in this episode.


  • Gabrielle’s own journey with over thinking and how she got into what she does now.

  • The most common way Gabrielle see’s over thinking getting in the way for people who are growing their own business.

  • How to look out for your own negative self-talk and what to do about it.

  • Simple mind-set shifts to help you think more positively.

  • How gratitude can help you shift your mindset in your side-hustle.

  • Challenging the worries we have around work and what our colleges might be thinking about our side-hustle.

  • Gabrielle’s own experience of side-hustling and the overthinking that can come with it.

  • Gabrielle’s tips on making time for self-care, recharging and fostering creativity in ourselves.


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