[27] On Finding Inspiration and Fostering Your Creativity

On Finding inspiration and fostering your Creativity - Episode 27 of On The Make with Barbora Kurcova


On the Make Episode 27 on finding inspiration and fostering your creativity with Barbora Kurcova

Barbora’s Instagram account is one of my favourites, full of creativity and inspired ideas. In this episode I chat to Barbora about how she finds the time for her side-hustle alongside her full time 9-5.

One of Barbora’s many talents is taking self-portraits and I knew this was something I had to chat with her about. She shares her tips on how to get comfortable in front of the camera and how to take your own portraits. If portraits are something you want to start sharing more of in your online world but feel uncomfortable in front of the camera and unsure on how to take your own portraits check out her free ebook on taking self-portraits.


  • Barbora’s instagram journey - how she got to creating the imagery she shares now

  • How she finds the time for creativity and to take her photographs alongside a full time 9-5

  • Where Barbora gets her ideas and inspiration for her creative photography and her tips on where to start with finding the inspiration for more creative photography

  • Barbora’s tips on taking self-portraits and getting more comfortable in front of a camera

  • How the seasons influence and inspire Barbora’s creative ideas

  • Photography tips for when you’re struggling with the light in the darker months of winter

  • Options for managing an instagram in bilingual, posting on Instagram in your native language vs. English to reach a wider audience

  • A round up of Barbora’s top 3 tips for Instagram


Barbora’s Website | Instagram

Sign up to Barbora’s newsletter (which I can tell you myself is always a goodie) to get her free ebook on taking self-portraits, it’s a brilliant place to start if you’re wanting to get more comfortable with being in front of the camera and taking your own portraits.

Barbora’s post on taking self-portraits (plus there’s lots more instagram tips on her blog.

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