[29] A Planning & Productivity Philosophy for Side-Hustlers

A Planning & Productivity philosophy for side-hustlers Episode 29 of On The Make podcast with Josephine Brooks


On the Make Episode 29 - A planning and productivity philosophy for side-hustlers

I thought it was about time I shared with you a planing and productivity philosophy for side-hustlers. This episode is essentially a dive into 4 of my core vales around planning and productivity with some tips on where to get started in each of these areas.

 I’m talking through the 4 planning and productivity pillars of building a business. From my experience of 8 years of side-hustling and from the conversations I have with my clients I know that without these 4 pillars in place, it’s going to be REALLY difficult to build your business.

Side-hustling is a juggling act, building a business is hard and there are countless roadblocks that pop up along the way. These 4 pillars will help you overcome some of the hurdles side step some of the roadblocks.


Productivity isn’t about being busy

  • Productivity isn’t about being busy or getting lots done it’s about doing less and doing the stuff that counts. 

    Business – same as business

    1.    Take things off your to do list

    2.    Must Do/ Could Do – forces you to prioritise

    3.    Tuning into your gut

Have an action plan

  • Without a plan your focus can drift, you get distracted my shiny new ideas and you end up taking a very zi-zaged path rather to where you’re heading, or not getting there at all. It’s also very tempting to spread yourself too thin when you don’t have a plan because there’s no limit to what you can try to focus on.

    1. Focus on a max of 3 areas

    2. Break down your tasks

    3. Make a 12-week plan – put it on the wall


Show up and Do The Work

  • I get a lot of questions on how to do this bit, unfortunately there’s no shortcut around showing up and doing the work. The only thing that can make your dreams and ideas a reality is to show up every day and do the work, in a sustainable way, sure but the work is what will make your plan a reality.

    1. Routine/ batching/ theme days

    2. Dealing with procrastination. Stop your phone from being a distraction, turn your notifications off and put your phone at the other end of the house, have a notebook to hand to record notebook to write down thoughts / log out

    3. Prioritising your self-care so that you can show up with the best possible mindset so be able to juggle two jobs whether that be a 9-5 or caring for children and show up to do your work.


Get the right support

  • Having a support network around you is HUGE. When you’re building a business you’re suddenly facing all of these new challenges and most of the time your family and friends just don’t get it, this is where your support network comes in.

    1. Make friends with others who are at a similar stage in business as you

    2. Join Facebook groups

    3. Coaching / Mentoring


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Facebook groups and membership groups: –The Rollercoaster of Indie Business great if you’re a maker or One Girl Band if you’re more service-based. For membership groups check out The Fearless Beginnings Membership Group and The Independent Girls Collective.

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