[03] Slow Living & Creating the Lifestyle you Long for

On The Make podcast episode 3 with Becky Cole - Low living and being intentional about creating the lifestyle you long for


On the Make Episode 3 - Slow living and creating the lifestyle you long for with Becky Cole

In this episode Becky shares her journey to creating the slow-living lifestyle she dreamed of by being intentional about creating businesses and income streams that support her need for flexibility. Becky is a slow living expert, artist, mum and farmers wife - she's got a lot going on but she wouldn't have it any other way. All of these strings to her bow supports her in living the lifestyle she adores and her passion for this really comes through in this episode.

Becky shares her tips on how to slow down and live more naturally in the ever changing and fast paced world that we live in. Being a mum has opened Becky's eyes up even more to the benefits of slow living and being intentional about creating a flexible lifestyle. This episode is sure to get you inspired and motivated to seek out the lifestyle you really want and get you thinking about how you can work towards it. 


  • Having a multi-passionate career built around your values

  • Becky's story from growing up in the Irish countryside, to studying and working in fashion to finding her way back to living in the countryside and embracing slow living.

  • Becky's approach to trying a bit of everything, being brave and giving those niggling ideas a go. How Becky's learned from being open to lots of opportunities and how you can learn from your 'failures'.

  • What slow living means to Becky and her tips on how to slow down.

  • Becky's approach to slow living as a mum and what she's learned from becoming a mum.

  • How Becky has been completely intentional about building her slow-lifestyle by being multi-passionate and creating a variety of businesses to give her the flexibility and freedom she wants.

  • How Becky plans her week

  • Becky's tips on where to start with natural living


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