[05] Getting organised for the busy season ahead

On The Make Episode 5 - Getting Organised for the Busy Season Ahead - Josephine Brooks


On the Make Episode 4 - on getting your business organised for the busy season ahead, a solo episode with me, Josephine Brooks

This episode I talk about how you can get organised over the summer months to prepare for the busy season ahead. For most makers and designers the last four months of the year are generally the busiest. In fact, Amalia from the Botanical Candle Co. who I interviewed for episode 7 (coming soon) mentioned that 80% of their sales come in the last four months of the year, highlighting just how busy those last months of the year can be. 


  • Decluttering your workspace

  • Having your kit and machinery serviced or cleaned

  • Reviewing your website and product listings

  • How are your product images looking?  

  • Money

    • Your pricing

    • Getting your accounts together

    • Setting an income goal for the rest of the year

  • Touching base with your wholesale contacts

  • Take care of yourself


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