[07] Growing a Sustainable & Eco-friendly Candle Making Business

On The Make podcast episode 7 - Amalia from The Botanical Candle Company on opening a bricks and mortar shop, growing a team, using sustainable materials and ecofriendly packaging and growig a candle making company


On the Make Episode 6 - Growing a sustainable and eco-friendly candle business with Amalia from The Botanical Candle Company

This episode we cover loads of topics starting with where the idea came from for The Botanical Candle company and how the business has grown to where it is now. We also discuss the opening of their new shop in Shaftesbury and the decision behind opening a bricks and mortar shop and growing a team. 

One thing I really admire The Botanical Candle Company for is their branding and sustainably made products that are all wrapped up in eco-friendly packaging, all of which we discuss in this episode of On The Make. 


  • How Amalia got into making candles and where the idea for The Botanical Candle Company came from

  • Why soy wax is much better for us to burn in our homes over paraffin wax

  • How to company has grown to where it is now

  • Making the decision to open a bricks and mortar shop

  • Showing the inner workings and behind the scenes of your business

  • Using sustainable and eco-friendly packaging - thinking outside the box and finding new packaging solutions

  • How Amalia goes about finding wholesale sellers for her products and how she looks for on-brand partners to work with

  • The Botanical Candle Company brand - how to create a consistent brand

  • What a day in the life looks like at the Botanical Candle company shop


The botanical Candle Company Website | Instagram | FacebookPinterest

The Botanical Candle Company shop location - 6 The Commons, Shaftesbury SP7 8JU

Suppliers of branded/ printed paper tape customtape.co.uk

Josephine Brooks