Make a Money Plan | Workbook

Make a Money Plan | Workbook


A money planning process to help you take your side-hustle to financially sustainable business.

So you want to turn your side-hustle into financially sustainable full-time business? You ache to escape your 9-5 or support your family through your business, but getting from where you are now to where you want to be isn’t as obvious as it sounds.

Perhaps you’re feeling vague about the numbers, perhaps that’s because you avoid looking at them for fear of what you might find, or you tell yourself ‘I’m just not good with numbers.

Truth bomb: You need to understand, and have clarity around your numbers if you want to take your side-hustle full time. And that’s exactly what this workbook is here to help you do.

What you’ll get:

  • A 15 page workbook packed with practical exercises and tools that show you how to make a money plan to take your side-hustle to financially sustainable business.

  • The know-how to set your own, levelled income goals and the practical tools you need to figure out where these income goals should be.

  • Ideas on how to tweak things in your business so that you can get closer to your income goals.

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