DIGITAL 12-Week Wall Planner - Print yourself

DIGITAL 12-Week Wall Planner - Print yourself


My 12-week planning template has been designed specifically with side-hustlers in mind, to help you make a plan and make it happen!

I used to have to-do lists all over the place, I used to work on my side hustle in sporadic bursts and get easily distracted by shiny objects. Then I decided to get serious about my side-hustle and started planning in a way that kept my focus on the impactful tasks and as a result levelled up my side-hustle.

This is the template I’ve been using to make stuff happen in my side-hustle for the last few years and I’m SO excited to share it with you. It’s a planning process and template that’s really worked for me and I know it can help you make some big things happen in your side-hustle too.

The vital statistics

  • Currently the wall planner is set to A1 landscape (85cm x 60.5 cm) however you can print it at A3 by changing your printer settings or taking it to a print shop. *The colours will match the artwork if you get it professionally printed. If you’re printing on a domestic printer please be aware that the colours are likely to come out a little differently.

  • The planner is undated so you can get started whenever you want

  • Please note: This is a digital product

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