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Hi, I'm Josephine

I live in the Hampshire countryside where you’ll usually find me in a pair of wellies with a cup of tea in my hand

I believe that everybody has got the power to build a business that gives them a happy and fulfilled life doing what they love. But, to make it happen, it’s essential to have a focused plan & clear direction

I work with independent makers who are committed to growing their handmade business and living the lifestyle they crave but are feeling overwhelmed and disorganised.

I give them the tools to get their business organised and mentor them through my 3-step method to creating a personalised action plan to take their business to the next level. All whilst making it feel like chatting and making plans with a friend over a cup of tea at the kitchen table (with a slice of cake of course).

 Sitting at a table in the garden working on my action plan - About Josephine Brooks

Sitting at a table in the garden working on my action plan - About Josephine Brooks

But, that’s not the whole story…where did this planning thing come from?

I’ve always been a compulsive planner and organiser, helping friends set their new year goals on beer mats at new year’s drinks or helping panicked brides create a schedule for their wedding day.

And in my work life I have an 8+ year background in managing projects, which involves a load of organising and making sure things stay on track.

People regularly tell me that my calm approach makes them feel calm and focused – like a weight has lifted.

I’ve also had my own handmade business which was my total obsession. Any time I could muster I’d be making, photographing, listing and promoting. I’ve felt what it’s like to juggle all of the things it takes to build a handmade business and learned how to budget and plan for success.

But after a while it became clear to me that where I flourished was in the planning and organising my business, for which I had developed a 3-step method of review >> organise >> plan

Ding! Light bulb moment…

My 3-step method could really help other makers too



getting outdoors

It’s vital for allowing my mind to switch off and relax. I always have my best ideas when I’m out walking my dogs in the countryside which, luckily for me, sits just outside my back door



I’ve always loved making all sorts of things, especially seasonal makes. I particularly love sewing, where with an afternoon and some fabric you can create something new for your wardrobe, now that’s instant gratification



For me this means becoming my own boss and being able to work from my home in the Hampshire countryside with no long commutes or office politics, while being able to do what I love and help other makers

Teapot, cup of tea and origami paper stars - About Josephine Brooks


Have you got a focussed plan for growing your business? 

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