Being Productive Doesn't Mean Being Busy - What I've Learned From my Struggle with Anxiety

This post is really close to my heart, I felt really emotional writing it because it took me back to those struggles I first encountered from dealing with anxiety. If for some reason you’re feeling less productive than you usually are, I really hope this post offers some tips to help you stay productive while you're working through a tricky time.

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MAKE IT HAPPENJosephine Brooks
How to Organise Your Computer Files & Clear Your Desktop

A lot of the creatives that I know find organising their computer files a complete nightmare. In my podcast episode with Victoria Jowett, she said that her desktop was like a virtual brain dump. We’ve all been there right? The desktop area seems like a natural dumping ground. You save something there because you might need it soon but it soon gathers virtual dust there alongside a load of other files you thought you might need to find quickly.

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Batching Your Photography - How to Set Up a Theme Day

As part of my monthly routine I have a day set aside each month to take all of the photos I need for my website, blog and Instagram for the following few weeks. Batching together all of the photos that I need to take for each month saves a ton of time and also helps me get ahead with my blog and social media content planning. Plus, it’s fun to make a day of it. You can put some tunes on, faff around with props, what’s not to love?

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Outsourcing for Creative Business - Where to Start

I’m a huge advocate of working to your strengths and outsourcing the bits that don’t come as easily to you - because your strengths are where you bring the magic to your business and make it unique to you. There will be someone out there who excels at the stuff you hate doing, so outsource those tasks so that you can focus on the stuff you're great at.

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